2015 Chicagoland Throws Results

	Licensed to North Central College      HY-TEK's Meet Manager 7/11/2015 07:57 PM
                     Chicagoland Throw Series - 6/19/2015                      
                      North Central College  - BW Stadium                      
Event 2  Men Hammer Throw Open
 Men & Women's Open Javelin flights will be combined
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Smutz, Jacob                 OPEN                    51.28m     168-03 
      FOUL  51.28m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  51.14m
  2 Harris, Andrew               OPEN                    50.36m     165-03 
      FOUL  FOUL  50.01m  FOUL  50.36m  FOUL
  3 Dirkin, Guy                  OPEN                    37.01m     121-05 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  37.01m  FOUL
  4 Weisz, Sam                   OPEN                    34.42m     112-11 
      31.56m  FOUL  32.24m  FOUL  34.42m  33.77m
  5 Di Cianni, Dominick          OPEN                    11.06m      36-03 
      FOUL  FOUL  9.79m  FOUL  10.39m  11.06m
Event 3  Women Hammer Throw Elite
 NSAF Girls Hammer: 4 kg
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Berry, Gwen                  Nyac-Nike               69.60m     228-04 
      67.37m  69.60m  69.45m  68.98m  68.97m  FOUL
  2 Smith, Kristin               USATF                   68.90m     226-00 
      67.11m  63.93m  FOUL  68.90m  63.73m  66.75m
  3 Pleger, Brooke               USATF                   68.66m     225-03 
      64.68m  65.65m  63.05m  FOUL  68.66m  FOUL
  4 Henry, Brittany              USATF                   67.05m     220-00 
      63.15m  67.01m  FOUL  66.11m  FOUL  67.05m
  5 Bush, Taylor                 USATF                   65.10m     213-07 
      64.01m  63.22m  64.20m  FOUL  65.10m  64.26m
  6 Showalter, Haley             NSAF                    59.17m     194-01 
      58.46m  FOUL  FOUL  57.47m  59.17m  56.45m
  7 Jacobsen, Courtney           NSAF                    52.96m     173-09 
      51.90m  50.51m  50.83m  50.22m  FOUL  52.96m
  8 Wilson, Alyssa               NSAF                    51.89m     170-03 
      FOUL  FOUL  49.25m  47.35m  48.52m  51.89m
  9 Antill, Kaylee               NSAF                    51.47m     168-10 
      48.30m  50.09m  FOUL  51.47m  FOUL  FOUL
 10 Thomas, Makena               NSAF                    48.01m     157-06 
      FOUL  45.39m  46.56m  48.01m  FOUL  FOUL
Event 4  Men Hammer Throw Elite
 NSAF Boys Hammer: 12 lb.
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Kelly, Adam                  NSAF                    74.10m     243-01 
      70.82m  74.10m  71.27m  73.65m  73.96m  73.92m
  2 Morse, Tim                   USATF                   66.70m     218-10 
      65.62m  65.46m  FOUL  65.49m  66.70m  FOUL
  3 Whitener, Seth               NSAF                    64.18m     210-07 
      FOUL  62.28m  FOUL  64.18m  FOUL  63.81m
  4 Thornton, Darian             USATF                   62.13m     203-10 
      FOUL  62.13m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Alvernaz, Michael            NSAF                    60.78m     199-05 
      59.15m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  60.78m  FOUL
Event 6  Men Javelin Throw Open
 Men & Women's Open Javelin flights will be combined
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Poh, Daniel                  OPEN                    57.30m     188-00 
      42.85m  52.43m  52.07m  FOUL  57.30m  FOUL
  2 Stack, Matt                  OPEN                    53.21m     174-07 
      47.74m  51.85m  48.54m  53.21m  52.05m  49.29m
  3 Seymour, Alec                OPEN                    48.51m     159-02 
      46.24m  47.57m  45.23m  48.51m  FOUL  43.38m
  4 Gold, Michael                OPEN                    26.64m      87-05 
      22.07m  FOUL  26.38m  FOUL  FOUL  26.64m
  5 Kluckhohn, Jacob             KTFC                    21.85m      71-08 
      18.04m  16.98m  16.87m  21.85m  20.60m  21.17m
Event 7  Women Discus Throw Open
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Happner, Elissa              OPEN                    42.04m     137-11 
      FOUL  34.37m  FOUL  42.04m  38.17m  39.02m
  2 Bunting, Allee               OPEN                    37.03m     121-06 
      36.21m  37.03m  35.50m  32.59m  FOUL  33.82m
  3 Yamane, Naomi                OPEN                    36.56m     119-11 
      FOUL  FOUL  34.90m  36.56m  35.98m  36.22m
  4 Koenig, Kayla                OPEN                    36.35m     119-03 
      35.74m  35.38m  35.24m  35.92m  36.35m  36.05m
  5 Varney, Kyra                 OPEN                    33.81m     110-11 
      FOUL  33.17m  33.81m  32.99m  28.47m  30.00m
  6 Fischer, Carly               OPEN                    32.43m     106-05 
      FOUL  30.99m  FOUL  32.43m  FOUL  29.77m
  7 Iscandari, Alimatu           OPEN                    31.08m     102-00 
      25.05m  25.90m  23.84m  23.24m  FOUL  31.08m
  8 Farley, Victoria             OPEN                    29.26m      96-00 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  23.94m  29.26m  26.39m
  9 Johnson, Laura               OPEN                    21.00m      68-11 
      17.20m  21.00m  FOUL  FOUL  19.51m  FOUL
Event 8  Men Discus Throw Open
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Weisz, Sam                   OPEN                    50.07m     164-03 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  49.00m  50.07m  43.96m
  2 Dirkin, Guy                  OPEN                    44.39m     145-08 
      FOUL  FOUL  43.97m  44.39m  FOUL  43.77m
  3 Schiemann, Tyler             AO                      44.25m     145-02 
      43.35m  42.28m  FOUL  FOUL  40.09m  44.25m
  4 Smutz, Jacob                 OPEN                    43.80m     143-08 
      43.34m  FOUL  FOUL  41.64m  43.00m  43.80m
  5 Harris, Andrew               OPEN                    41.08m     134-09 
      FOUL  41.08m  39.86m  38.13m  39.44m  39.62m
  6 Schaufelberger, Adam         AO                      41.02m     134-07 
      39.19m  40.75m  41.02m  39.92m  FOUL  38.90m
  7 Taccola, Seth                AO                      40.77m     133-09 
      40.77m  32.25m  FOUL  39.51m  39.91m  39.43m
  8 Hannula, Clayton             OPEN                    38.65m     126-10 
      34.27m  37.17m  37.05m  38.65m  38.59m  36.69m
  9 Trofimuk, Pat                OPEN                    37.09m     121-08 
      37.09m  FOUL  37.06m  FOUL  36.69m  35.98m
 10 Gold, Michael                OPEN                    34.57m     113-05 
      FOUL  FOUL  30.39m  33.95m  34.03m  34.57m
 11 Taccola, Mark                AO                      31.16m     102-03 
      FOUL  26.86m  FOUL  FOUL  30.01m  31.16m
 12 Petko, Jason                 OPEN                    29.85m      97-11 
      FOUL  26.26m  29.43m  29.85m  FOUL  29.11m
 13 Sullivan, Liam               AO                      27.80m      91-02 
      27.80m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  26.80m
 14 Di Cianni, Dominick          OPEN                    16.10m      52-10 
      15.11m  FOUL  15.59m  15.41m  FOUL  16.10m
Event 9  Women Discus Throw Elite
 NSAF Girls Discus: 1 kg.
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Lewis-Smallwood, Gia         USATF                   64.01m     210-00 
      62.39m  FOUL  60.25m  FOUL  64.01m  FOUL
  2 Podominick, Liz              USATF                   57.39m     188-03 
      52.31m  53.70m  FOUL  56.26m  57.39m  FOUL
  3 Pierson, Summer              USATF                   57.12m     187-05 
      53.24m  52.65m  55.97m  57.12m  54.25m  55.15m
  4 Trafton, Stephanie           USATF                   52.40m     171-11 
      50.28m  50.71m  48.11m  51.26m  52.40m  51.72m
  5 Lockhart, Samantha           USATF                   50.69m     166-04 
      FOUL  50.57m  FOUL  50.69m  FOUL  50.64m
  6 Phelps, Kiana                NSAF                    50.20m     164-08 
      46.70m  47.18m  48.30m  48.75m  48.32m  50.20m
  7 Showalter, Haley             NSAF                    49.78m     163-04 
      43.99m  43.94m  49.78m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Szkowny, Alison              USATF                   49.41m     162-01 
      45.27m  47.46m  FOUL  45.57m  49.41m  FOUL
  9 Antill, Kaylee               NSAF                    47.72m     156-07 
      46.13m  47.32m  42.23m  44.64m  42.21m  47.72m
 10 Bruckner, Elena              NSAF                    47.56m     156-00 
      44.86m  45.80m  47.56m  FOUL  47.04m  42.52m
 11 Wilson, Alyssa               NSAF                    44.25m     145-02 
      41.19m  44.05m  42.67m  44.10m  43.90m  44.25m
 12 Young, KD                    NSAF                    42.86m     140-07 
      42.23m  41.60m  42.36m  40.32m  42.86m  36.21m
 13 Dawson, Khayla               NSAF                    40.78m     133-09 
      FOUL  FOUL  40.78m  FOUL  38.24m  FOUL
Event 10  Men Discus Throw Elite
 NSAF Boys Discus: 1.6 kg
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Carlos, Davis                NSAF                    60.14m     197-04 
      60.14m  FOUL  57.88m  55.10m  FOUL  58.24m
  2 Davis, Khalil                NSAF                    59.50m     195-02 
      59.50m  58.21m  55.50m  55.31m  57.77m  58.04m
  3 Evans, Andrew                USATF                   59.27m     194-05 
      57.92m  56.48m  56.45m  59.14m  59.27m  57.83m
  4 Winger, Russ                 Asics America           59.14m     194-00 
      55.89m  58.26m  59.14m  FOUL  FOUL  57.24m
  5 Ribeiro, Lucas               NSAF                    54.19m     177-09 
      54.19m  52.17m  FOUL  51.73m  51.05m  FOUL
  6 Geist, Jordan                NSAF                    50.35m     165-02 
      50.35m  50.27m  48.76m  49.70m  50.00m  49.97m
Event 11  Women Javelin Throw Elite
 NSAF Girls Javelin: 600 g
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Hamilton, Kimberly           USATF                   58.08m     190-07 
      FOUL  54.37m  52.56m  50.51m  55.00m  58.08m
  2 Ince, Ariana                 USATF                   57.72m     189-04 
      57.72m  54.54m  50.85m  54.38m  FOUL  52.74m
  3 Petranoff, Leigh             USATF                   51.94m     170-05 
      51.06m  51.13m  45.93m  51.94m  49.14m  51.23m
  4 Kearney, Gabby               NSAF                    49.62m     162-09 
      46.21m  47.00m  FOUL  49.29m  49.62m  48.60m
  5 Fitzgerald, Emma             NSAF                    45.21m     148-04 
      41.67m  43.20m  43.36m  45.21m  FOUL  43.64m
  6 Bower, Morgan                NSAF                    32.58m     106-11 
      30.37m  32.58m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  31.70m
Event 12  Men Javelin Throw Elite
 NSAF Boys Javelin: 800 grams
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Dolezal, Riley               USATF                   79.71m     261-06 
      77.02m  79.49m  FOUL  79.71m  FOUL  FOUL
  2 Furey, Sean                  USATF                   79.04m     259-04 
      76.03m  FOUL  75.69m  72.39m  77.72m  79.04m
  3 Glover, Tim                  USATF                   72.78m     238-09 
      72.78m  71.64m  PASS  FOUL  PASS  FOUL
  4 Van Liew, Tim                USATF                   67.35m     220-11 
      65.66m  FOUL  FOUL  67.35m  63.66m  62.99m
  5 Howe, Nicholas               USATF                   66.52m     218-03 
      66.40m  64.90m  FOUL  FOUL  64.78m  66.52m
  6 Marsack, Michael             NSAF                    64.26m     210-10 
      59.46m  61.67m  59.67m  60.48m  64.26m  FOUL
  7 Biddle, Michael              NSAF                    62.25m     204-03 
      62.25m  61.44m  FOUL  59.45m  60.47m  60.38m
  8 Jones, Grant                 NSAF                    60.28m     197-09 
      56.83m  60.28m  57.90m  56.90m  52.60m  57.91m
  9 Hill, Grayson                NSAF                    58.36m     191-06 
      FOUL  57.30m  58.36m  FOUL  56.55m  FOUL
 10 Lenihan, Kiegan              USATF                   54.45m     178-08 
      50.49m  54.45m  49.63m  47.07m  FOUL  FOUL
Event 13  Women Shot Put Elite
 NSAF Girls Shot Put: 4 kg
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Smith, Brittany              USATF                   18.12m   59-05.50 
      17.67m  17.40m  17.67m  17.64m  17.98m  18.12m
  2 O'Brien, Becky               USATF                   17.64m   57-10.50 
      17.64m  16.93m  17.57m  16.74m  16.52m  17.41m
  3 Bunch, Dani                  USATF                   17.28m   56-08.50 
      17.28m  FOUL  FOUL  17.08m  FOUL  FOUL
  4 Bliss, Tori                  USATF                   16.90m   55-05.50 
      15.87m  16.73m  16.41m  FOUL  16.90m  FOUL
  5 Wilson, Alyssa               NSAF                    15.20m   49-10.50 
      FOUL  14.95m  FOUL  15.15m  FOUL  15.20m
  6 Bruckner, Elena              NSAF                    14.71m   48-03.25 
      14.33m  FOUL  14.71m  FOUL  14.62m  14.35m
  7 Dawson, Khayla               NSAF                    14.15m   46-05.25 
      13.77m  13.91m  14.09m  13.85m  14.15m  13.69m
  8 Young, KD                    NSAF                    13.88m   45-06.50 
      13.37m  13.27m  FOUL  12.70m  13.67m  13.88m
  9 Antill, Kaylee               NSAF                    12.43m   40-09.50 
      FOUL  11.98m  12.03m  FOUL  11.99m  12.43m
Event 14  Men Shot Put Elite
 NSAF Boys Shot Put: 12 lb.
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Hill, Darrell                USATF                   20.19m   66-03.00 
      19.49m  20.19m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  2 Geist, Jordan                NSAF                    19.76m   64-10.00 
      FOUL  19.76m  FOUL  19.67m  19.55m  FOUL
  3 Werskey, Eric                USATF                   19.52m   64-00.50 
      19.52m  19.28m  19.20m  19.33m  19.11m  19.28m
  4 Favors, Eric                 NSAF                    19.28m   63-03.25 
      18.88m  19.17m  19.11m  FOUL  FOUL  19.28m
  5 Dechant, Matt                USATF                   18.85m   61-10.25 
      FOUL  18.05m  18.48m  FOUL  18.85m  18.64m
  6 Saenz, Stephen               USATF                   18.32m   60-01.25 
      18.32m  FOUL  PASS  PASS  PASS  PASS
  7 Davis, Khalil                NSAF                    17.83m   58-06.00 
      17.83m  FOUL  17.56m  17.39m  FOUL  17.44m
  8 Cartwright, Grant            OPEN                    16.06m   52-08.25 
      FOUL  FOUL  15.23m  FOUL  16.06m  FOUL
Event 15  Women Shot Put Open
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Farley, Victoria             OPEN                    12.71m   41-08.50 
      12.65m  11.47m  11.37m  11.91m  11.89m  12.71m
  2 Yamane, Naomi                OPEN                    11.89m   39-00.25 
      11.37m  11.07m  11.13m  11.89m  11.12m  11.77m
  3 Etherton, Kayla              OPEN                    11.44m   37-06.50 
      10.69m  11.30m  10.44m  11.19m  10.78m  11.44m
  4 Fischer, Carly               OPEN                    11.35m   37-03.00 
      FOUL  11.35m  FOUL  10.36m  11.26m  11.07m
  5 Bonham, Nellie               AO                      11.25m   36-11.00 
      9.96m  10.78m  10.36m  10.55m  11.25m  10.89m
  6 Bunting, Allee               OPEN                    10.44m   34-03.00 
      10.40m  10.41m  9.77m  10.44m  FOUL  10.22m
  7 Iscandari, Alimatu           OPEN                     9.70m   31-10.00 
      FOUL  FOUL  7.52m  9.70m  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Murphy, Kaitlyn              AO                       7.38m   24-02.50 
      6.59m  7.38m  6.78m  6.20m  6.73m  6.38m
Event 16  Men Shot Put Open
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Weisz, Sam                   OPEN                    16.40m   53-09.75 
      16.02m  16.40m  16.01m  FOUL  15.68m  16.00m
  2 Schiemann, Tyler             AO                      14.87m   48-09.50 
      13.08m  13.86m  14.87m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Schaufelberger, Adam         AO                      14.60m   47-11.00 
      FOUL  13.68m  14.44m  14.60m  14.53m  14.01m
  4 Trofimuk, Pat                OPEN                    13.70m   44-11.50 
      13.52m  13.70m  13.50m  13.54m  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Hannula, Clayton             OPEN                    13.51m   44-04.00 
      12.65m  FOUL  12.62m  12.55m  13.20m  13.51m
  6 Moore, Andrew                OPEN                    12.47m   40-11.00 
      11.92m  12.27m  12.47m  FOUL  11.77m  12.11m
  7 Sullivan, Liam               AO                      11.59m   38-00.25 
      11.59m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Petko, Jason                 OPEN                     8.78m   28-09.75 
      7.72m  8.19m  8.78m  8.00m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Di Cianni, Dominick          OPEN                     6.28m   20-07.25 
      6.28m  FOUL  5.96m  5.83m  6.08m  FOUL

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