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New NSAF USA Meet of Champions at Myrtle Beach, SC set for March 25-28; Indoor Nationals Cancelled

Feb. 3, 2021 update

One of the great missions of the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) is to provide the best opportunities for student-athletes to perform at championship-level track & field events – and in the safest manner possible.


Guided by that mission, the NSAF announces the first-ever NSAF USA Meet of Champions at Myrtle Beach, SC, set for March 25-28 at the Doug Shaw Athletic Complex in Myrtle Beach, while also cancelling the NSAF Indoor Nationals – which had been scheduled for March 11-14 with our new partners at NYC Parks’ Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Staten Island, N.Y.

After great deliberation, the NSAF Board of Directors and Staff determined that a national indoor championship that would include more than 3,000 athletes from all over the country (plus coaches, families and officials) could not yet be held safely at this time. As the possibility the NSAF Indoor Nationals would need to be cancelled grew, alternative plans were made with Myrtle Beach T&F officials to host a large-scale 4-day meet with a similar structure to the NSAF’s nationals.




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Emerging Elite vs Championship

The Championship races are for those who have made the qualifying standards for those events. The Emerging Elite is for those who have not quite made those standards. The Emerging Elite Division is open to any high school athlete who has made the Emerging Elite standards, whether they be Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors.

The idea is that, eventually, an Emerging Elite athlete will join the elite ranks, but has not yet attained that status. We have had this division in place for several years now in the outdoor version of this meet. A prime example is that of Kyle Merber. He won the Emerging Elite mile as a junior in 2007 in 4:15.95 (The championship mile was won in 4:03.33). The next year he was New York State 1600m Champion. And in his Sophomore year at Columbia U, he ran 3:58.62 for a mile! Similarly, Megan Goethals was the Emerging Elite mile champion in 2008 in 4:59.26. In 2009, she became the Foot Locker National Champion in cross-country.

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