Chicagoland Throws: Top highlights, full results

by Steve Underwood


Special throwers, special throws: Showalter, Kelly top 'em all

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Photos on this page courtesy of Laurie Hannula: (top to bottom, left to right) Haley Showalter, Adam Kelly, Mike Marsack, Gabby Kearney, Kiana Phelps, Carlos Davis, Alyssa Wilson and Jordan Geist.


Hammer: Showalter, Kelly move up all-time lists
  • US#1 194-1 girls’ hammer throw by NBNO champ Haley Showalter (NSAF/Valor Christian, CO sr) in 6th place (1st prep), improving her national leader by three feet, breaking her 2014 PR and moving to #7 all-timeCourtney Jacobsen (NSAF/Toll Gate, RI sr) and Alyssa Wilson (Donovan Catholic, NJ soph) were the next two preps in 7th and 8th, throwing 173-9 and US#9 170-3.  Leading the pros/elites was Gwen Berry (NYAC/Nike), taking the overall victory with 228-4, followed by Kristin Smith (USATF/Unatt.) at 226-0 and Brooke Pleger (USATF) at 225-3.
  • US#2 243-1 boys’ hammer throw by NBNO and CSI/Cuba champ Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI sr), moving to #8 on the all-time list and just 6” short of the national leader established by his junior teammate Robert Colantonio.  Kelly finished 1st overall (moving up from 2nd among preps last year), ahead of pro/elite leader Tim Morse (USATF/Unatt.) at 218-10 (16 lb. hammer) and Seth Whitener (NSAF/Throw 1 Deep) at 210-7.



Javelin: PRs and victories for Marsack and Kearney
  • US#3 210-10 boys’ javelin by NBNO runner-up Michael Marsack (NSAF/Stroudsburg, PA jr), getting a big 9-foot PR and the win (among preps) over in-state rival and NBNO champ Michael Biddle (NSAF/Williamsburg, PA sr) on his 5th attempt.  Marsack was 6th overall and Biddle, at 204-3, 7th overall.  They were followed by Grant Jones (LaSalle, PA sr) at 197-9 and NSAF Project Javelin thrower Grayson Hill (Cathedral Prep, PA jr) at 191-6.  Leading the pros/elites in the first 3 spots overall were Riley Dozeal (USATF/Nike) at 261-6, defending champ (and new USATF champ) Sean Furey (USATF/Unatt.) at 259-4 and U.S. leader Tim Glover (USATF/Unatt.) at 238-9.
  • US#5 162-9 girls’ javelin throw by Gabby Kearney (NSAF/Roseburg, OR sr) in 4th (1st prep), improving her PR by one inch from her winner at USATF Juniors.  NSAF Project Javelin throwers Emma Fitzgerald (Thayer Acad., MA jr) at 148-4 and Morgan Bower (Millville, PA soph) at 106-11 were the 2nd and 3rd preps.  Prevailing overall was pro/elite Kimberly Hamilton (USATF/Nike) at 190-7 – winning on her final throw – ahead of Ariana Ince (USATF/Unatt.) at 189-4.



Discus: Phelps, Davis defend 2014 titles
  • 164-8 girls’ discus throw by CSI/Cuba champ and NBNO runner-up Kiana Phelps (NSAF/Kingsley-Pierson), coming from behind on her final throw to move ahead of Haley Showalter and defend her 2014 title (among preps).  Showalter (Valor Christian, CO sr) had hit a US#6 163-4 in the 3rd round.  Phelps and Showalter were the first two preps in 6th and 7th, followed by NBNO champ Kaylee Antill (NSAF/Tri-Valley, OH sr) at 156-7 and standing US#1 Elena Bruckner (Valley Christian, CA jr) at 156-0.  Current 3-time USATF champ and U.S. record-holder Gia Lewis-Smallwood (USATF/Nike) was the overall champ, improving her seasonal best to 210-0.  Defending champ Liz Podominick (USATF/NAI) was 2nd at 188-3 and 2008 Olympic champ Stephanie Brown Trafton (USATF/Nike) was 4th at 171-11.
  • 197-4 boys’ discus throw by Carlos Davis (NSAF/Blue Springs, MO sr), defending his 2014 title as first prep.  He took the lead on his first and best throw, while twin brother Khalil similarly established 2nd place with his 195-2 opener.  They came in as the standing US#1-2 preps in the event.  NBNO champ Lucas Ribeiro (NSAF/Belmont Hill, MA sr) was 5th (3rd prep) with 177-9.  Pro/elite competitors Andrew Evans (USATF/Unatt.) and Russ Winger (Asics America) were 3-4 overall with 195-2 and 194-5 (2kg discus), respectively.



Shot Put: Sophomores Wilson, Geist prevail
  • US#5 49-10.5 girls’ shot put by Alyssa Wilson (NSAF/Donavan Catholic, NJ soph), finishing 5th overall (1st prep) with her 3-inch PR.  She was followed among preps by standing US#2 Elena Bruckner (NSAF/Valley Christian, CA jr) at 48-3.25 and Khayla Dawson (NSAF/Olympic, NC, jr) at 46-5.25.  Brittany Smith (USATF/Nike) was 1st overall, leading the pros/elites with 59-5.5, followed by Becky O’Brien (USATF/Unatt.) at 57-10.5.
  • 64-10 boys’ shot put by Jordan Geist (NSAF/Knoch, PA soph), taking 2nd overall and finishing as first prep.  Eric Favors (NSAF/North Rockland, NY sr) was 4th overall and 2nd prep with 63-3.25.  Darrell Hill (USATF) was the overall champ and led the pro/elites at 66-3 (16 lb. shot), followed by Eric Werskey (USATF/Unatt.) at 64-0.5.


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