Aries Merritt’s Journey to Legendary

by Joy Kamani


2012 was a stellar year for Aries Merritt... he achieved the trifecta of track and field:   World Indoor Champion, Olympic Champion and World Record Holder (12.80)!  Aries accomplishments are a testament to the steady development of a champion.  

We remember Aries as a high school athlete from Marietta, Georgia who placed 6th in the 110 hurdles at our outdoor championships at NC State in Raligh, NC as a senior.  His ran 14.06 behind the likes of high school track and football phenom, Teddy Ginn, ace rival Jason Richardson (Olympic silver medalist) and another Olympian, Kerron Clement.

One year later Aries became the IAAF's World Junior Champion in Grosetto, Italy.  Since then his journey to the highest step on the Olympic medal stand has seen several ups and downs.  But, a pure joy of the sport, excellent coaching and belief in his own natural ability has made Aries unstoppable and presently unbeatable.

For more on Aries check out his IAAF profile  

We caught up with Aries last weekend at the Texas A&M High School Classic.  Aries trains in the area and took time out to watch the meet and present some awards.


Thanks to Victah Sailor @ for the photo


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