DeeDee Trotter- This month’s “Where Are They Now” feature

by Joy Kamani

Olympic Experience:
2004 Olympic Games, gold (4x400-meter)
2008 Olympic Games, 7th in 400m semifinal
2012 Olympic Games, gold in women's 4x400 meters & bronze in women's 400 meters

Career Highlights:
2010 world indoor champion (4x400-meter)
2007 national outdoor champion

Two-time national indoor champion (2005, 2007)


NSSF: Who inspired you to run track?

Deedee: No one specifically inspired me to run, I was just always fast as a kid and people would always say you should run track because you are fast so I ran in High school. 

NSSF: What was it like being a student athlete and running at your high school?

Deedee: Track was am extra activity to do after cheerleading and basketball so I enjoyed having something to do. Sports help you find extra purpose in being a good student because you know that if you do not to good in the classroom you will not be eligible to play sports!

NSSF: What was it like being a student-athlete and running at UT

Deedee: I really enjoyed my college years but to be honest track and field was not something that I really thought that I would be doing in College. I always had dreams of being a basketball player, so for a while I just didn't really enjoy track and field but eventually it would grow on me through my success in the sport.

NSSF: What is your favorite memory from high school?!

Deedee: My favorite two sports memories from Cedar Grove High School would have to be the buzzer beater shot from half court to win the Game helping to maintain our undefeated home court record for that season. The other would be the 50 meter run down of the leading team as the anchor leg of the 4x400m relay team at the Ga State Championship for the win.

NSSF: What is your favorite memory from college?

Deedee: My favorite college memory is winning the NCAA Outdoor Championship at the University of Texas. A come from behind victory.

NSSF: What was your most exciting event or race?

Deedee: My most exciting event is the 200m. I love the 200m and wish to run it more in the future. Its really fun to me! 

NSSF: What have you been doing since you left college and how long have you been doing it?

Deedee: I went professional in track and field my junior year as the University Of Tennessee's first Lady Vol to go pro before my eligibility was up in any sport. Since that year I have been a full time professional athlete under sponsorships with Adidas and now currently Saucony. In addition to that I started my own non profit organization Test Me I'm Clean, a program dedicated to inspire athletes about the dangers of performance enhancement drugs.

NSSF: What advice would you give to other student athletes?

Deedee: In life you have to have a never give up attitude and mentality. Go for what you want and don't stop until you reach it or can't go anymore. Your destiny is what you make it, your circumstances do not define you and can not prevent you from being the best that you can be, only you can do that. Never give up and Believe!

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