Deworski Odom- 2 National Records in a Single Day!

by Joy Kamani







Photo submitted by Deworski Odom

What an incredible athlete and person!  Deworski Odom (Overbrook High School, PA) is the only athlete we know of who set three national high school records in a single day in two different events run back-to-back!

On Sunday March 5th 1995 in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY, at the NSI Championships, Odom first blistered 6.62 over 60 meters to shatter the 17 year old record of 6.69 held by Lanoris Marshall.  Apparently, the 60 was his warmup for the hurdles which was the next event on the track.  Odom got right back into the blocks and made history as he took down his own national record in the 60m hurdles (7.71 set in the semi-finals) clocking 7.62 and collected a third national record at the 55m mark as well (7.08) for good measure. A feat that's had never been done before nor since!

Odom is now coaching at his old high school, Overbrook HS in Philadelphia.  Before we get to the Q&A to learn more about what he's up to these days, take a look at his very impressive high school and professional statistics bank.

Personal Bests

Event Result Venue Date
100 meters 10.26 Lisboa 1994
110 hurdles 13.19 Flagstaff, AZ 2000
55 meters 6.21 Boston, MA 1994
60 meters 6.64 Fairfax, VA 2000
55m hurdles 7.12 Boston, MA 2000
60 meter hurdles 7.69 Fairfax, VA 1999

Other Achievements:

City Titles:
100 meters -1993, ‘94, ’95
110 Hurdles - 1993, ‘94, ’95
200m - 1994, ’95

State Titles
1995 - 55 meters, 55m hurdles, 200 meters

NCAA Titles
55 meters - 1999
55 meter hurdles - 1998, ’99, 2000
100 meters - 2nd 2000
110 meter hurdles - 2nd 1999

IAAF World Junior Championships - 3rd 100 meters (10.26) 1994

National High School Records - 60 meter hurdles (7.62), 55 meter hurdles (7.08), 60 meters (6.62)

For more statistics on Deworski Odom: <a href "">Deworski Odom</a>


NSSF: Who inspired you to run track?

My mother inspired me to be the best I can be in anything I do in life.

NSSF: What was it like being a student athlete and running at your high school?

Being a student and running at the Brook was great. I looked forward to going to school everyday. I had some great teammate's that were really good and I didn’t feel like I was “the man.” I was just part of the team and I loved that.

NSSF: What was it like being a student athlete and running at St. Augustine College?

Being a student at St. Aug was the best time of my life. Having a Head Coach like George '' Pup Williams, Coach Chapman, Coach Antonio Pettigrew (R.I.P). What more can you ask for when it comes to having the best track coaches in the world!  I had everything in one hand and it was all up to me what I was going to do with it and if you know the real Deworski Odom you know what I did on the track.

NSSF: What is your favorite memory from high school?

My favorite memory in high school was just being one of the guys on the team- that’s it!!!!

NSSF: What is your favorite memory from college?

Some of my favorite memories in college was talking trash to Coach Pettigrew the day before a meet. That man had me on my A game all the time. I had to let him know I was the real deal. Me and this man would go head to head all day. St. Aug made me the man I am today. You had to work hard for everything- no easy road at the!!

NSSF: What was your most exciting event or race?

I think the most exciting race I ever had was the first time I ran against the great Roger Kingdom and Allen Johnson in my first pro race. LOL..if you want to call it a race.

NSSF: What have you been doing since you left college and how long have you been doing it?

Well when I left St. Aug I ran for Nike for a few years. I had a great coach named T. Graham. I had my ups and downs but I would do it all over again at the drop of a dime. Just knowing you are one of the best in the
world is a great feeling.

NSSF: What advice would you give to other student athletes?

The advice I give athletes is to keep working hard and never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. The only person that can tell you “No” to is yourself. TO BE THE BEST YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOU ARE THE BEST. THAT
WILL TAKE YOU A LONG WAY IN LIFE. I tell my athletes at the Brook this all the time.

NSSF: What do you miss most about track?

The thing I miss the most is getting in the starting blocks and knowing I'm about to put some work in on the track.  What a feeling just to know you are ready to race...WOW

NSSF: How is your professional life going?

Being back at the Brook is great. I knew a lot of people would be looking at me to see if I have what it takes to be a coach. But I have great chemistry with all of my athletes. We go hard at practice and sometimes I will jump in a workout with them to let them know the old man still has it. LOL.  My athletes don’t look at me as this great track runner, Deworski Odom. I'm just Coach or Coach D to them and I love it.

NSSF: Final thoughts?

Things I would like people to know about me... I'm a hard working man, I give my all and I will help anybody who wants my help. But most important thing, I’d like people to get to know the real Deworski Odom, not the track guy-those days are over- but the guy who gives his time to his High School Track and his youth team (JUST DO IT T.C). And, I would like to say thank you to Cedric Walker, one of the good guys.


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