Jim Spier’s Final Thoughts on the 2010 World Juniors

by Joy Kamani

Final thoughts on the Juniors

By Jim Spier

A truly memorable meet. Moncton did a great job.

I have been to twelve of these (all but the first in Athens in 1986) and this ranks among the best. I certainly remember my first in Sudbury in 1988. I have been saying all along that may have been the best. But Moncton gave them a run for their money.

Being in New Brunswick, part of Canada's Atlantic maritime provinces was certainly new to me. The place is clean, and the people friendly and accomodating. I plan on coming back in the future even if there is no track meet.

Last Thursday had horrible rains. When we entered the stadium, volunteers offered us paper towels to wipe our shoes. The volunteers and staff could not do enough for us.

Some of my highlights:

Seeing a Kenyan race walker compete. And Montenegro winning their first gold medal ever (Where is Montenegro? It's in Southeastern Europe and used to be part of Yugoslavia).

David Munyao Ngei of Kenya

Two Jamaicans making the final in the men's discus.

And the Americans, in the personage of Conor Mc Cullough, defending their gold medal in the hammer (Walter Henning had won it in 2008, with Mc Cullough second). It used to be a major achievement for an American to make the final, much less get a medal.

Cas Loxsom and Bobby Andrews getting medals in the 800. One medal alone for the U.S. had never happened before in this event.

Stormy Kendrick, who won the North Carolina 3A 200 meters in 2009 in 25.13, goes on to win the world junior title one year later in 22.99! She handed 100m champion Jodie Williams of Great Britain her first loss in over 150 tries.

Jordan Hasay, running an impressive 1500 meter final, with the courage to stay with the lead pack through 1200 meters.

Jordan Hasay

Emily Sisson with a great double (3000m and 5000m) and getting the high school record in the 5000m

Emily Sisson

Allison Updike in the women's javelin in the 160's. Joe Zimmerman getting fifth place with a 244-10 throw, #2 all-time U.S. junior.

Jared Berman, a virtual unknown in the steeplechase earlier in the year, running 8:55 and 8:57 in this meet and getting the U.S. junior lead. He had never run the event prior to April of this year.

Both American 4x100's with good stick-passing, both getting into the all-time World Junior top 10.

Joy Kamani shot over 2000 photos this week. Several have been included in our event coverage. By mid-week most will be posted on the NSSF Facebook Page

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