World Junior Championships Notes - Day 5

A blog of the experiences of Jim Spier throughout the World Juniors.

Medal count through yesterday

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 USA 5 2 2 9
2 Germany 4 0 1 5
3 Russia 3 3 0 6
4 Kenya 2 4 1 7
5 France 2 0 0 2
  Romania 2 0 0 2
6 Cuba 1 2 3 6
7 Ethopia 1 1 3 5


Day 4 recap


200m — Tiffany Townsend finishes fifth.

800m — no US finalists

1500m — Jordan Hasay and Alex Kosinski advance to the finals.

100m H — Teona Rodgers advances to the finals.

400m H — Takecia Jameson finishes first

4x100m — US team advances to the finals

Long Jump Qualifying — Shakia Forbes and Jamesha Youngblood do not advance to the finals

Heptathlon — Ryann Krais sits 6ths after the first day. Erin Sampley no-heights in high jump but continues anyway

Pole Vault finals — Rachel Laurent finished 4th and Leslie Brost finishes 8th

Discus — Erin Pendleton and Anna Jelmini advance to finals.


200m — Curtis Mitchell finishes 4th and Antonio Sales 6th

800m — no US finalists

110m H — Ronald Brookins and Booker Nunley advance to the semis

400m H — Jeshua Anderson finishes 1st and Johnny Dutch finishes 2nd

4x100m — US team advances to the final.

10000m Racewalk — no US competitors.

High Jump qualifying — Eric Kynard and Ryan Fleck do not advance to the finals.

Triple Jump final — Austin Davis finishes 6th and Christian Taylor finishes 8th

Javelin final — no US finalists

Women 3000
US Medal History
No US medalists

An amazing race for Laurynne Chetelat, finishing sixth in 9:15.11, #5 all-time high school. We believe it's the best finish ever for an American.

Women 100m Hurdles
US Medal History
1986 Tania Davis bronze
1994 Latasha Colander silver
1996 Joyce Bates gold
2004 Ronetta Alexander gold
2006 Tiffany Ofili bronze

A great race for Teona Rodgers who ran another 100 meters around the curve after the finish, screaming gleefully. She ran 13.40 with a negative 2.5 wind.

Women 4x100
US Medal History
1986 gold
1988 bronze
1990 bronze
1992 silver
1996 gold
1998 gold
2002 silver
2004 gold
2006 gold

US got the gold for the third championships in a row

Women Long Jump
US Medal history
No US medalists
No US finalists

Women Heptathlon
US Medal history
No US medalists

A great competition for Ryann Krais, totally 5457 points, not the HSR, but #3 all-time.

Men 110m Hurdles semis — Ronald Brookins finished fourth in the second of three semi heats. Going into heat 3 he was the second time qualifier (top 2 in each semi advanced automatically). He got knocked out after semi 3, won by Booker Nunley. Nunley was last out of the blocks, but recoved nicely by the 50 meter mark.

Men 4x100
US Medal history
1988 gold
1990 gold
1992 silver
1994 silver
1996 gold
1998 silver
2002 gold
2004 gold
2006 silver

Another gold for the US. They have medalled every year except for 2000.

Men Pole Vault
US Medal history
2000 Rocky Danners bronze

Joe Berry and Maston Wallace could only manage 16-9.75 and finished 6th and 9th respectively.

Men Hammer
US Medal history
No US medalists

I almost fainted when the public address announcer said, "The US is 1-2 at this stage in the competition". Who would have thought? This was after the qualifying round, with the top 8 athletes having 3 more throws. Walter Henning took the lead on his first throw with 249-10. Conor Mc Cullough was in 8th through 10th, then on his final throw in qualifying, threw a PR 248-11! As everyone knows by now, they ultimately did go 1-2, the first ever medals at the World Junior Championships.

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