Final day at hand for NSAF x AthleticNET Summer Sprint and Distance Festivals

by Steve Underwood

Today (Tuesday, July 21) is the final day to register for and compete in the NSAF x AthleticNET Summer SPRINT and DISTANCE Festivals, the first two of a unique series of virtual meets celebrating each event group. These Festivals began July 8, while the overlapping NSAF x AthleticNET Summer JUMPS and THROWS Festivals started July 15 and will continue through July 28.

You can register HERE for the SPRINT Festival, which includes the following events:
(event combos scored using IAAF (WA) scoring tables):

  • 1. 100m
  • 2. 100m Wheelchair (*Varsity only, grades 9-12)
  • 3. 200m
  • 4. 400m
  • 5. 400m Wheelchair (*Varsity only, grades 9-12)
  • 6. 100m + 200m
  • 7. 100m + 200m + 400m
  • 8. 40 yard dash, on a lined football field

*Please note: In the Sprint Festival, the 100m Wheelchair and 400m Wheelchair events are open only to the Varsity division.

You can register HERE for the DISTANCE Festival, which includes the following events:
(event combos scored using IAAF (WA) scoring tables, except Individual DMR (see below)):

  • 1. 400m (for purpose of completing individual DMR below)
  • 2. 800m
  • 3. 1200m (for purpose of completing individual DMR below)
  • 4. 1600m
  • 5. 3200m
  • 6. 3000m Walk
  • 7. 5000m
  • 8. 800m + 1600m (1600m scored with 1500m tables)
  • 9. 1600m + 3200m (3200m scored with 3000m tables)
  • 10. Individual DMR (400+800+1200+1600) (results determined by sum of time of each event)

Each Festival contests standard events in the group, a few “combined events” to add fire to each Festival and rewards those whose excellence is spread across multiple distances and/or disciplines. With the offering of the combined events, these Festivals stand out from any other track & field event competition offered this year.

Each Festival has the following divisions, based on the 2019-20 school year:

  • Middle School (grade 6 - 8)
  • Freshman (grade 9 only)
  • Varsity (grade 9 - 12)

Festival HOME PAGE at (includes event listings for THROWS and JUMPS Festivals).



THROWS Festival Home Page | JUMPS Festival Home Page

The registration fee is $15 per Festival, for as many events as you’d like to enter (within each Festival). Every registrant gets a NSAF x AthleticNET Summer Track Festival bandana. For the following additional fees, registrants can receive the following (costs include shipping):

  • Participation Medal ($10)
  • Unique Festival Tee-Shirt ($25)
  • Unique Festival Cap ($25)

All performances and submissions must occur during the respective meet windows through AthleticAPP. Entrants should check the rules/FAQs for each meet. Some rules may have changed since the Virtual Nationals.

The Festival Series was developed by the NSAF, AthleticNET and following the recent unfortunate cancellation of NSAF Outdoor Nationals.


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