10011.1111.30Very doubtful
20022.1123.32Not a chance
40050.6952.42Very doubtful
8002:00.072:05.83WILL GO!
The nation's #1 returnee, LAURA ROESLER hasn't surfaced. 2:03.08, #3-AT. Event promises great competition throughout remainder of season.
Mile4:35.244:46.17Not a chance
2 Mile10:01.0810:16.11Doubtful
USL CHELSEY SVEINSSON has the ability but she's only a soph.
2000 St6:33.76:33.7Not a chance
USL running another event. No one else is close
100H12.9513.67Not a chance
400H55.2041.09/59.36Not a chance
4x100mR44.5045.24Extremely doubtful
4x200mR1:33.871:36.55Very Doubtful
Eleanor Roosevelt has the tools.
4x800mR8:43.129:00.07Extremely doubtful
Lot depends where ER decides to load up. More sprint oriented than middle distance
800m MEDLEY1:38.731:45.08Not a chance
1600m MEDLEY3:51.904:00.39IT WILL GO!
Southern Regional can do it. Two outstanding legs. I'll take a chance!
DMR11:31.8111:47.89Not a chance
HJ6'046'04Not a chance
PV14-01.2513-06.25 WILL GO!
Taking a chance here but the meet has ALWAYS produced superb vaulting.
LJ22-0320-03Not a chance
TJ54-10.25(16.72)52-06.25(16.00)Not a chance
Worst coached event in hs sports! If ANYONE knew what they were doing…
SP54-10.7554-04.75Not a chance
D190-03190-03Not a chance
Jav176-05162-08Not a chance
Ham201-07201-06WILL GO!
Lauren Chambers won't let this one slip away. Too good, lots of chances.

I see four (4) new records being set with the Girls; two (2) for the Boys. But there have been a few times in the past when I was wrong, let's hope I make a few errors here. One more prediction —

NIKE OUTDOOR NATIONALS will be a GREAT meet, easily the best outdoors.

Just think…if the NSSF hadn't created this meet many years ago…none of this, none.

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