2013 Great American CC Festival/HBCU Challenge Results

by Steve Underwood

Boys Invitational Red 5k
Girls Invitational Red 5k
Boys Invitational Blue 5k
Girls Invitational Blue 5k

Men's HBCU Challenge OVERALL 8k
Men's HBCU Challenge Division I 8k
Men's HBCU Non-Division I Challenge 8k
Women's HBCU Challenge OVERALL 5k

Women's HBCU Division I Challenge 5k
Women's HBCU Non-Division I Challenge 5k
Boys Race of Champions 5k
Girls Race of Champions 5k
Boys Seeded Invitational 5k
Girls Seeded Invitational 5k
Boys JV 5k
Girls JV 5k
Boys JV II 5k
Girls JV II 5k
Boys JV III 5k

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