2020 Entry Information

Note: All Varsity high school teams should enter the "Varsity" category. Teams will be assigned by the NSAF Seeding Committee to the Race of Champions, Seeded Invitational, Red and Blue races according to their level of ability.  One team permitted per race but you may have teams in each of the four varsity races if they qualify.


High School Teams (7 runners maximum per team) and Individuals

Varsity, Junior Varsity Teams - $140.00 per team, male or female
Individuals $45.00 per individual
Team Bulk Fee $395.00 unlimited entry

Entry Deadlines for High School Teams, High School Individuals HBCU and College race Teams

September 28, 2020 (normal deadline) - no late fee assessed
Entries after September 28, 2020 will be assessed a $30.00 per individual late fee or $40.00 per team late fee (for a total of $75.00 per individual and $180.00 per team).

October 1, 2020 (absolute deadline) - no further entries after this date.

October 1, 2020 - Roster submission deadline date.

HBCU and College Race Teams

Per team (7 runners maximum) $140.00
Additional runner per team (up to 3 more) $45.00 per runner
Open Individual $45.00
Team Bulk Fee $395.00 unlimited entry


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