Track & Field and Cross-Country Bulletin for Nov 22, 2018

by Steve Underwood

The NSAF hopes that all of you in our extended athletics family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

It is the NSAF's mission to inspire youth to live healthy and active lifestyles to prepare them for success -- helping to open doors to the world through our sport. In times that have been in many ways divisive, we are thankful for the resources you help provide to bring our youth -- and all of humanity -- together through track and field, and cross-country.

2018 has been a trying year for many, but we are so very grateful for those of you who have been part of our events and bless us by displaying your best qualities, on and off the track.

We look forward to continuing to grow with all of you student-athletes, coaches, parents and contributors to the sport as the calendar heads toward 2019!

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