Stacy and Lacey- pole vault pioneers

by Joy Kamani

The Simplot Games is always one of the favorite meets that we NSAF folk attend each year.  The meet is beautifully organized, people are happy and athletes pull off spectacular performances.  Each year something new and different and good happens here and we've learned over the years to stash away our surprise and expect the unexpected.

This year is no different.  But instead of a shattering performance from a high school athlete or the appearnce and thought provoking words from the bevy of Olympians who attend the meet and mix and mingle with the athletes, our greatest experience came from a young lady with an extraordinary approach to life and a winning smile.  

Meet Lacey Henderson:  the only female amputee spunky enough to tackle the pole vault.  She's the current world record holder in the event. Our David Mitchell found a moment to talk with Lacey and her mentor pole vault Olympian and herself a pioneer, Stacy Dragila.  



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