This has been one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory, and for me, a recent victim of something called "Transient Global Amnesia", that's not saying much. But to those of you 'normal' folks, it's like WOW! But the intriguing part of this spring is not only what's happened but what MIGHT happen. Let's take a look at the current high school records (hsr) and do some prognosticating and outright guessing. Please realize, some of my guess's and predictions are predicated upon the athlete competing in the NIKE OUTDOOR NATIONALS and/or the USATF JUNIOR NATIONALS and for those who make the team, the Pan-American Games. Records are usually set when there's absolutely no pressure (see indoor 1000m) and, paradoxically, where the competition is intense. So let's examine the current situation and have some fun. Should any of you wish to get in your two cents worth,

10010.0110.30No chance
20020.1320.58No chance
40044.6945.71Slight, VERY slight
The Elite kids rarely have competition until post-season. Anything could happen.
8001:46.451:48.97Slight, VERY slight
USL Elijah Greer is skipping the NON so misses a good shot.
Mile3:53.434:06.37No chance
2 Mile8:34.408:55.3No chance
110H12.913.48Very doubtful
400H49.3835.71 — 51.89Reggie Wyatt, 35.71
Wyatt is totally dominant but will lack meaningful competition. Still…
4x10039.7640.54Always possible
Most teams are Texans, very early state meet, then spring football. Doubtful
4x2001:23.311:25.20Good chance
New Bern is, perhaps, the finest hs relay team ever. Great speed and range.
Again, New Bern. They did it indoors but to drop almost 6 seconds…? Look for 3:10+
4x8007:30.677:30.67DONE DEAL DUDE
Question: Could we have a NEW record? MORRIS HILLS, NJ — 7:31.60 — It's been a long season but if they meet at NON, both feel they are the #1 team in the US.
800m MEDLEY1:28.431:30.34Slight
1600m MEDLEY3:19.583:19.58New Bern AGAIN!
DMR9:49.7810:01.13No chance
HJ7-07 (2.31) 7-05.75 (2.28)IT WILL GO!
BUT…USL James White has a slight injury. If he's 100% - look out!
PV18-03 (5.56)18-0.25 (5.49)IT WILL GO!
SP81-03.5(24.77)72-06.25(22.11)No chance
D236-06(72.10)236-06DONE DEAL DUDE
Ham260-00(79.26)256-09(78.27)No chance
McCullough won't be at the meet. No one else is close
Jav241-11(73.75)235-03(71.71)Quite Possible
500013:37.9114:33.96No chance

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