All NBNO attendees invited to tour International Civil Rights Museum at discounted rates

by David Mitchell and Joy Kamani


The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is a place that all visitors to Greensboro simply must visit. The authentic setting of one of the key events in the American Civil Rights Movement is preserved there along with a stunning interactive presentation. Students of NBNO-host North Carolina A&T State were at the heart of a Woolworth’s sit-in protest (above left photo). Taking the tour is enlightening, uplifting, and humbling as history comes alive before you. It is a personal and educational experience that you will treasure!

All NBNO 2015 athletes with a competitor bib number plus coaches and fans with a wristband will receive a $2 discount on the admission price. You must have your competitor bib and/or your wristband with you to receive the discount. Please make advanced reservations for best results. Go to or call 800-748-7116.

The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation is promoting the ICRCM as a public service and is receiving no portion of the proceeds. We just love it there and think everyone should get to see it!



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