NSSF Partners With ParentingPride

by David Mitchell

Anti-Bullying Smart Phone APP: ParentingPride


We at the NSSF share the great concern of teachers and parents about the bullying epidemic that affects children and teens across the country.  Much of this bullying takes place via text message.  In hopes of a brighter future, we are pleased to introduce to you the first known solution to combat this unacceptable behavior.

ParentingPride is a new smart phone APP that saves all text messages, so victims can hold bullies accountable for hurtful texts.It is a simple idea developed by families for families because phone companies do not save the content of texts. ParentingPride's CEO, US Olympian at 1500 meters, Paul McMullen, says the APP is already helping families find peace of mind. If you think it could help your family, try it for FREE and spread the word.

You can find ParentingPride on Google Play (formerly the Android Market) and begin a 30 day free trial.  It stores unlimited texts to a secure website for a small annual fee.

For more information please visit www.parentingpride.com or the YouTube video.

Please look for more information coming shortly on our Trackademics page under the News & Features tab, including an interview with ParentingPride CEO, Paul McMullen.

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