Waiver and Release

** NEW!! See below for most current lists (Friday 6/14, 3:30pm) of completed waivers!

A signed meet Waiver is required for participation in the New Balance Nationals Outdoors and, for the 2019 Championships, we have a new digital form with SignNow.com!

ONLINE WAIVER for 2019 NBNO (https://signnow.com/s/oCkAGZPG)

This waiver MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED ONLINE before you can pick up your packet at NBNO. Packets will not be distributed without the signed Waiver and athletes who do not complete this will not be permitted to compete at the meet.

* For athletes under the age of 18 years ("Minors"), the Waiver must be signed by a parent, legal guardian or other person with the legal capacity to sign on behalf of the parent or legal guardian of the athlete. Athletes 18 years of age and older may sign the Waiver themselves.

Coaches should forward THIS LINK (https://signnow.com/s/oCkAGZPG) to their athletes and parents and check with them to make sure they have all signed.

ONLINE WAIVER for 2019 NBNO (https://signnow.com/s/oCkAGZPG)

* For purposes of this Waiver and Release, “Minor” is described as an individual under the age of 18 years, except in the states of Alabama and Nebraska, in which case “Minor” is an individual under the age of 19 years.


Latest SIGNED waiver lists (updated Friday, June 14, 3:30pm ET) -- INDIVIDUAL, plus SCHOOL/CLUB 

These are the 2019 NBNO Signed Waiver lists as of 3:30pm Eastern Time on Friday, June 14, 2019.

If you do not see your name or your athlete's name on either of these lists, it means we do not have their signed waiver. Please click here to be taken to the Waiver which a parent or athlete over the age of 18 can digitally sign: ONLINE WAIVER for 2019 NBNO (https://signnow.com/s/oCkAGZPG)

If you have signed it but do not see your name, it only means that you signed after that time and should wait for the next update. Please allow at least 24 hours for the list to be updated after you have signed and submitted. And please do not go back to the link and sign again!! Only sign once and click DONE. This list will be your confirmation.


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