Rules and Sanction


USATF rules will apply. Protests must be filed in writing within 30 minutes of the results being announced and accompanied by a $50 cash deposit, refundable only if the protest is upheld. Athletes may wear a singlet of their choosing as long as it does not conflict with their state association's rules. USATF CARDS, VALID IN YEAR 2019, ARE REQUIRED. YOU MAY PURCHASE THEM AT YOUR LOCAL USATF OFFICE, AT MEET REGISTRATION OR VIA


This is an open meet, sanctioned by USATF and governed by USATF rules. It is NOT sanctioned by any high school federation as it is contested after the official high school outdoor season in most or all states.

Some of the differences between USATF and National Federation of High School rules are:

This is not an all-inclusive list. Athletes and coaches may familiarize themselves with USATF rules here: Latest (2018) USATF Competition Rules Book.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay Rules/Guidelines

In the Shuttle Hurdle Relay, the passing zone begins 1.22 meters in front of each starting line. The outgoing runner must be motionless and may not leave the starting line until the incoming runner’s torso breaks the plane of the passing zone.

The hurdle heights and distances between hurdles from the 100/110m hurdles are used. Up to four teams per section.

Filing Protests

Protests must be in writing and submitted at the Solutions Tent in the front of the stadium next to Packet Pickup. For clarity and expediency, please use the Protest Form which may be downloaded HERE or picked up at the Solutions Tent. Written protests must be accompanied by a $50 cash-only protest fee, which will be refunded if the protest is determined in the protester's favor.  Protests which are denied may be appealed to the Jury of Appeals. That request may be submitted at the Solutions Table accompanied by a $50 cash-only fee which will be refunded if the original protest decision is reversed. The decision of the Jury of Appeals is final.

Protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the posting of the results of a given event. The fee is refunded if the protest/appeal is upheld.

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