Event Details/Progression


Batons Teams are expected to bring their own batons.
Relay Cards Handed in at check-in with clerk, at least 30 minutes prior to the schedule start.

Relay Specifics

4x100 Relay In lanes, 30m exchange zones acceleration zone used for all 3 exchanges. 
4x200 Relay In lanes,30m exchange zones acceleration zone used for all 3 exchanges.
4x400 Relay 3-turn stagger, no acceleration zone.
4x800 Relay Waterfall start, with 1-turn alley(ies) used.
4xMile Relay Waterfall start (NOTE: start line is in the middle of the home stretch).
800 Meter Medley Relay 100/100/200/400 2 turn stagger, acceleration 30m exchange zone for first and second exchanges only - break after 3rd exchange.
1600 Meter Medley Relay 200/200/400/800 3-turn stagger, 30m zone for first exchange. 20m zone for second exchange, 3rd runner breaks on backstretch.
Distance Medley Relay 1200/400/800/1600 Waterfall start, with 1-turn alley used.
Swedish Relay 100/200/300/400 One turn stagger, 100m runner starts at normal 200m start. First exchange is the normal 4x100 #3 exchange. After the runner enters the homestretch they break. The second exchange is at the 4x100 #1 exchange, not in lanes. The third exchange is at the exchange zone at the finish.

Field Events

Coaching Boxes There are no coaching boxes in the competition area.
Triple Jump Take-off boards: 34 feet (girls) and 41 feet (boys). One shorter tape board will also be used.
Javelin Steel-tipped javelins are used for the competition.
Sectors A 34.92 degree sector will be used for the shot put, discus, and hammer.

Pole Vault/Vertical Jump Progression for 2020

Will be announced later in 2020 in the weeks leading up to the meet.


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