Clerks' Check in Instructions

Check In Instructions for Coaches and Athletes

The New Balance Nationals Outdoors is one of, if not the most important meets for high school athletes during the outdoor season. It brings together the largest gathering of elites athletes from throughout the country. For this reason it is extremely important that coaches and athletes be aware of and follow the Check In Instructions listed below:

  1. The meet will be run according to the posted time schedule and athletes are responsible for reporting on time. General calls will NOT be made for the events. We will not wait for athletes who are late.

  2. Athletes may check in for running events as soon as they arrive at the track each day, but must be in the hipping tent not later than 20 minutes before the start of their event(s). Clerks will be in the warm up area reminding athletes when they need to report.

  3. Athletes in field events will report directly to their competition sites.

  4. Athletes must report to the hipping tent dressed and ready to run. They may not bring any of the items listed below with them.
    1. sweats
    2. training flats
    3. bags/ back packs
    4. Electronic gear of any kind. (Cell phones, headsets, i-pods etc.)

  5. Relay teams must report as a group and must provide a relay cards with their running order when entering the hipping tent.

  6. Coaches, spectators, parents, and non-competing athletes are not allowed in the Clerking Area.

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