Shot Put Competition

All are welcome to observe the shot put competition. There is limited seating and standing room. To enter that area, proceed under the stands to the area inside the fence near the 100 meter starting line area.   Continue to the shot put area. That area will be fenced off, and you must return the same way you entered.   In order to get to the discus/hammer area, you must travel under the stadium and not cut across the track (do not cut across the track).

Javelin Competition

Proceeding the same way as for the Shot Put competition, you may observe the javelin competition from inside the barriers near the start of the javelin runway (the Bryan Building side of the track).

Discus and Hammer Competition

You are welcome to watch that competition. To get to that area (outside the stadium, on the backstretch side), travel under the stands (do not cut across the track). There will be limited seating and plenty of standing room.

Pole Vault Competition

There is no coach's box provided. Only competitors are allowed in the pole vault area.  (The pole vault runways are on the backstretch side of the track).


All warm-ups take place outside the stadium. Athletes should be aware of the discus and hammer competitions going on and avoid those areas in which to warm-up.

Clerking Tent

Outside the backstretch. Clerk in one hour before your event start. There are no "calls".

Security Tent

Near Clerking tent - for storage of athlete bags during competition.

Misting Tent

Near the clerking tent for cooling-off purposes.

Medical Tent

Near the clerking tent. Additionally, there will be small tent at the end of the straightaway for shade.

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