NBNI New for 2017

If a performance entered in the Emerging Elite division is far superior to the Championship division guideline, then the athlete must compete in the Championship division unless there are mitigating circumstances.   The decision concerning the mitigating circumstances is at the sole discretion of NSAF meet management.  

Qualifying marks should be made on tracks of 300 meters or shorter.  Under no circumstances will qualifying marks for the 200, 300, 400 or 800 be accepted for entry or seeding if they were run on an oval of greater than 300 meters unless they were made in spring/summer 2016 where the stated 2016 Outdoor season guidelines apply.  This rule pertains to marks made for the period September 2016 though March 2017.  Also note that this rule applies to relays with legs of 800 meters and shorter - qualifying marks may not be made on 400 meter tracks.

If further clarification is required, please contact Joe Lanzalotto

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