NBNI Souvenir Backpack FAQs

Please read this information in its entirety.  Backpack specific questions will not be answered via email.

The NBN Backpack is a souvenir - a gift to you acknowledging the hard work you put in to qualify for the New Balance Nationals Indoor and for competing in the meet. 

There are 3 categories of souvenir backpack:  Championship, Emerging Elite and Freshman/Junior High School.

Here are questions we are frequently asked and answers.

I completed my entry after the souvenir guarantee date. Can I still get my souvenir?
It is possible but not guaranteed because of our backpack ordering deadline. 

I entered before the souvenir guarantee date, but did not pay until after the date. Can I still get my souvenir backpack?
It is possible but not guaranteed because of our backpack ordering deadline.

I am in the Championship division in one event and Emerging Elite in another. Which souvenir do I get?
You get the souvenir that is offered as a gift to the higher division, in this case Championship.

If I enter in the Emerging Elite Division and later qualify for and am accepted into the Championship Division, will I qualify for the Championship souvenir?
Yes, provided you completed your Championship entry before the souvenir backpack guarantee deadline.  If you updated your entry to Championship after the guarantee deadline, you may receive the Championship backpack but it is not guaranteed that you will.

I am entered in several events. Do I get more than one souvenir?
No.  You get one gift souvenir no matter how many events you enter.

I am entered and accepted but unable to make the meet. Can my backpack be mailed to me?
The backpack is a gift for competing in the meet, not just for entry. In other words, you have to come to the meet and compete in order to get your souvenir backpack, and you must pick it up yourself.

If I am qualified for the Championship Division but choose to compete in the Emerging Elite division, can I still get the Championship souvenir?
You get the souvenir that corresponds with the division in which you actually compete - so Emerging Elite in this case.

What do I need to show in order to pick up my souvenir backpack?
Take your bib number with the backpack ticket on the bottom still attached to it to the backpack pick-up at the Armory.  DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKPACK TICKET from your bib number or you will not be able to receive your backpack.

Can I buy a souvenir backpack?
No.  They are not for sale.  You must register, come to the meet and compete in order to receive your backpack.

When can we see what the 2020 souvenir backpack looks like?
The backpacks will be revealed the week of  the New Balance Nationals.

How do I customize my souvenir backpack?
There are two ways:  online and in person at the meet. You must be registered, conformed and compete at the meet in order to receive a backpack!

If I order customization on my backpack and change my mind, can I get a refund?
No. There are no refunds on customization.  Customization will be printed exactly as you type it in your order.

If I order a customized backpack but don’t come to the meet, can someone else pickup my backpack or can you mail it to me?
No to both questions.  The souvenir backpack is given as a gift for qualifying and competing at the meet.



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