National Scholastic Athletics Foundation Transgender Participation Policy & Procedure

This policy is periodically updated to ensure consistency with the rules of our national and international governing bodies (USA Track & Field and World Athletics).

This version is up to date as of January 30, 2020

The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) is an athlete-centric organization focused on providing national level competitions and developmental programs to American high school-aged track and field athletes. The NSAF supports diversity and inclusion in all aspects of track and field and cross country, and promotes programs that offer unique opportunities to participate and grow in and through the sport. The aim of this policy and procedure is to provide transgender athletes an avenue to participate in a safe and fair manner in NSAF’s programs, including the New Balance Nationals Indoor and Outdoor.

Additional Requirements

Gender-related terms are defined in various sources. The NSAF has not formally adopted any specific gender-related definitions, but rather, provides these to offer a general understanding of terminology used within this policy.

This Policy was established January 2019 and is updated as of January 30, 2020

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