2021 NSAF Indoor Nationals Entry and Seeding Rules

Our goal is to ensure that every entry is fairly evaluated for acceptance and seeding purposes. Over the years we have developed rules and procedures that help us to achieve this goal. We have made some exceptions to our normal rules given the pandemic and those are incorporated in the following.

Entrants often attempt to gain acceptance with a mark that does not meet the standard. They try to make a case by pointing out that at previous Nationals competitors in their event did not meet the entry standard at the meet. While performances at prior New Balance Nationals may not have met standards in the meet itself, all entrants met entry requirements before the meet. Declaring that an athlete has better marks than competitors in previous meets will not result in acceptance in the meet. Not every athlete has a career day at the nationals.

Entry standards may be found here: Entry Standards.  If you have questions about the acceptability of an entry, please e-mail info@nationalscholastic.org with "STANDARDS INQUIRY" as the subject line. (We do not accept phone calls or texts regarding entries or seeding).

Entries in freshman events are restricted to 9th graders only.  Entries in Middle School events are restricted to 6th, 7th and 8th graders only.  Under no circumstances will entries from athletes lower than 6th grade or higher than 12th be accepted in any event.  No exceptions.

Please note: At present (December 17, 2020) you may enter but may NOT pay for your entry.  We are not accepting any payments until we can be sure of all the arrangements for the meet.


Entry Specifics

General – rules apply to both individual and relay qualifying:

Individual Qualifying:

Entry standards may be met in meets from the following seasons:

Relay Qualifying:



Conversions Used in Making Seeding Decisions




1500 to mile

+ 18.0

+ 20.0

1600 to mile

+ 1.2

+ 1.5

3000 to 2 mile

+ 40.0

+ 40.0

3200 to 2 mile

+ 4.0

+ 4.0

1500 RW to mile RW

+ 30.0

+ 40.0

Track size and type will be considered when making decisions relative to conversions where that information is known.

The Seeding Committee may make exceptions to these rules where justified. Athletes and coaches should be guided by the specific event entry standards that are listed here:  https://www.nationalscholastic.org/indoor_nationals/standards/

For eligibility rules for transgender athletes, please click HERE.

Communication about seeding decisions should be directed via e mail to: Joe Lanzalotto (j.lanza@verizon.net)


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