Introducing the BAS Trainer

by Joy Kamani
The NSSF is very pleased to partner with BAS Trainer to introduce their biomechanically sound, safe indoor method of training for javelin throwers. BAS (pronounced "base") Trainer was developed and patented by accomplished athlete, teacher and athletic trainer, Chris Vogel of WA. Its purpose is to train javelin throwers--and it is rapidly gaining acceptance by the track and field community.

Improved Performance, Improved Health Athletes who are using the BAS Trainer device are finding themselves with a competitive edge over the competition. They are throwing farther, recovering quicker, and giving themselves the advantage of having more time to practice to refine their throwing technique. The BAS Training system utilizes what is called the "weighted shoulder throw" which allows the athlete to train the body while resting the arm. This results in promoting rest and healing, and substantially decreases the risk of injury.

Live demonstrations You are enthusiastically invited to be with us for the one of the live demonstrations of the weighted shoulder throw at the Reggie Lewis Center on Friday, March 12 in the infield at Noon and then again immediately following the Boys' Weight Throw (approximately 6pm). Chris Vogel will be present at the demonstration and throughout the weekend to answer any questions as well as to take orders for those who are inspired to make a purchase on the spot. He will also have a more formal presentation at 3:30 on Friday in an upstairs room at the Reggie Lewis Center. Also Ryan Weidman CCS Throws Coach and NCAA Div II Javelin Champion will co-presenting and demonstrating. They'll be demonstrating how the BAS Trainer is perfect for "coaching the javelin throw from the bottom up" emphasizing the technique and body positioning that will maximize throwing distance and minimize the risk of injury.

Website with video and more For more information on the BAS Trainer please visit and be sure to attend the live demonstrations! While visiting, check out the video comparison between the weighted shoulder throw and an actual javelin throw. You won't believe how similar they are!

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