Dartfish Brings Analytical Video Technology to Nike Indoor Nationals

by Joy Kamani
The NSSF is thrilled to announce that Dartfish will be present at NIN '10 recording and analyzing the performances of athletes in many events. Dartfish is the company whose software has been widely featured on the Vancouver Winter Olympic broadcasts around the globe. Dartfish performance analysis software has been utilized by world-class and professional athletes in multiple sports worldwide over the past 13 years. Now the Olympic advantage of Dartfish is being made available to the participants of NIN '10!

Here are links to two of the more popular types of Dartfish video analysis of track and field events. The first is the stromotion analysis of a triple jumper. Note the distinct body positioning during each phase of the jump. click here

Next is the simulcam feature that places two different competitors (or two different attempts by the same competitor) over one another for the purpose of comparison. Note the similarities between the two competitors clearing the same height in this pole vault attempt. Even though they are wearing similar uniforms, note that only one is wearing a helmet. click here

Details of ordering Dartfish video analysis of your athlete's performance will be released soon. In the meantime, learn more at Dartfish.com and prepare to be wowed at NIN '10!

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