NSAF statement regarding Transgender Policy

by NSAF Staff


February 25, 2019 – Different states have adopted different approaches to the eligibility of transgender girls in public education-based sport, based on their particular goals for their co- and extra-curricular events.  The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated in part to staging national-level elite development events and to providing equal competitive opportunities to girls and boys.  We are also a member organization of USA Track & Field and so subject to its rules.  Even though our organization’s goals are often different from those of public school sports, we are committed to including transgender athletes in our events who have met our requirements so that we can ensure to the extent possible fair competition for all entrants.

Recognizing the rapidly changing landscape and the different approaches adopted across the country, the NSAF began work on its transgender policy in Spring 2018.  It was finalized in Fall 2018.  Because our focus is elite development sport, harmonization of our rules with those of our sport’s national governing body, USA Track & Field, was and remains an additional priority.

Pre-pubescent transgender girls are eligible for NSAF competitions based on their affirmed gender.  Consistent with USATF rules and IOC guidelines, post-pubescent transgender girls are eligible for NSAF competitions based on their affirmed gender once they have completed a year’s course of gender affirming hormones.  Gender affirming surgery may also satisfy the policy requirements but is not required.

For further information on the NSAF’s Transgender Policy please visit our website.

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