Girls/Boys Novice competition

Minimum 12 years old - entry mark not required, but should have competed at some level in the javelin in the past year.

Girls/Boys High School competition

Full-time students in grades 9-12 who are eligible for their high school team (and/or any high school athlete) born SEPTEMBER 1, 2002 or later, and who have met the entry guidelines, are eligible to compete.  In addition, home-schooled athletes who meet the age and entry requirements are eligible to compete.  Specifically not eligible are athletes who have graduated from high school last year or those in their 5th or later year from ninth grade. (NOTE: Exceptions may be made for athletes in lower grades or special circumstances.).  Note that those who have graduated during 2022 will still be considered High School students for the sake of this competition.

Men/Women Elite competition

Must have achieved a minimum standard to compete in this event (refer to the Entry Guidelines), though exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

(USATF cards may be purchased at www.usatf.org ).


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