Pan Am Jrs 2013 Event Analysis- Day 1

by Jim Spier - Photos by Joy Kamani

Medellin, Colombia

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Friday August 23, 2013 - Morning Session

100 meters trials – men

Tevin Hester (Clemson/Granville Central HS, Stem, NC), the US Junior leader at 10.21, won his heat in 10.25.  Second was Andre De Grase (Canada). .03 back.  Levi Cadogan (Barbados) looked strong in winning the second trial in 10.41.  Trayvon Bromell (Gibbs, St. Petersburg, FL), the US high school leader at 10.27, let up at the end of the race and almost did not qualify.  He ran 10.45, holding off Jazeel Murphy (Jamaica) in 10.46. Jevaughn Minzie (Jamaica) won semi 3 in 10.39.  Zharnel Hughes (Anguilla), who had won this year’s Caribbean Scholastic Invitational 100m, and with a best of 10.23, let up at the end of the race as did Bromell, but still ran 10.40.  Reinier Mena Berenguer was third in the same time as Bromell.  Qualifiers for the final are:

Tevin Hester   USA  10.25
Andre De Grase   Canada  10.28
Jevaughn Minzie  Jamaica  10.39
Zharnel Hughes   Anguilla  10.40
Reinier Mena Berenguer Cuba  10.40
Levi Cadogan   Barbados 10.41
Trayvon Bromell  USA  10.45
Jazeel Murphy   Jamaica  10.46



100 meters trials – women

Semi 1 was a battle between 2011 World Youth Champ Jennifer Madu (Texas A+M) and 2013 World Youth bronze medallist Angela Tenorio of Ecuador.  Madu was in lane 2 and Tenorio was in lane 1. Madu beat Teorio by .01, 11.65 to 11.66.  (Tenorio must be getting tired of losing to Americans, having taken third to Ky Westbrook and Ariana Washington in Donetsk).  Amelia Brohman of Canada was third in 12.03 to get the third auto qualifying spot.  Semi 2 was won by Arialis Gandulla Martinez of Cuba in 11.48, edging Omhunique Brown (St. Kitts and Nevis/Pasadena CC/San Marino HS, CA) by .01.  Third was Morolake Akinosun (Illinois/Waubonsie Valley, Aurora, IL) of the USA in 11.50, followed by Khamica Bingham of Canada in 11.55 and Sharolyn Joseph Hamblet of Costa Rica in 12.08, the last 2 being “time” qualifiers.  Bingham was third at the 2012 New Balance Indoor Nationals 60m, one of three Canadian sprinters to make the 60m final that year.  The winner was Jennifer Madu!  The qualifiers for the final are:

Arialis Gandulla Martinez Cuba   11.48
Omhunique Brown  St. Kitts and Nevis 11.49
Morolake Akinosun  USA   11.50
Khamica Bingham  Canada   11.55
Jennifer Madu   USA   11.65
Angela Tenorio   Ecuador  11.66
Amelia Brohman  Canada   12.03
Sharolyn Joseph Hamblet Costa Rica  12.08


100 meter hurdles trials – women

With 9 entrants, only one would be eliminated in the advancement to the final.  Nicole Setterington (Canada) edged Sasha Wallace (Castro Valley, CA), 13.64 to 13.66 in heat 1.  (Setterington made it to the semi-finals in the 2012 New Balance Indoor Nationals).  The third qualifier was Daineris Consuegra Carrero (Cuba) at 14.00, followed by 2 “time” qualifiers, Diana Carolina Bazalr Alava (Peru, 14.31) and Karen Palomeque (Colombia, 14.78).  Heat 2 was won by Alexis Perry (North Carolina State/Jordan, Durham, NC) in 13.79, with Genesis Romero (Venezuela, 13.82) and Deshaunda Morrison (Canada, 14.11) getting the other auto qualifying spots.  The qualifiers for the final are:

Nicole Setterington  Canada  13.64
Sasha Wallace   USA  13.66
Alexis Perry   USA  13.79
Genesis Romero  Venezuela 13.82
Daineris Consuegra Carrero Cuba  14.00
Deshaunda Morrison  Canada  14.11
Diana Carolina Bazalar Alava Peru  14.31

Karen Palomeque  Colombia 14.78 


400 meter trials – women

Kendall Baisden (Detroit Country Day, Beverly Hills, MI), who typically peaks late in the season, had no trouble winning semi 1, running 53.33.  Second was Sage Watson of Canada and Florida State (one time Simplot Games winner) in 53.62.  Asaine Hall (Jamaica) was third in 53.67, and Janeth Alejandra Largacha (Colombia) was fourth in 54.12.  Courtney Okolo (Texas/Smith, Carrollton, TX), the US Junior leader at 51.04 had no problem in winning her semi (53.66).  Other qualifiers were Marie-Colombe St. Pierre (Canada, 54.84), Celene Cevallos (Ecuador, 55.77) and Priscilla Morales Escobales (Puerto Rico, 56.24).   The qualifiers for the final are:

Kendall Baisden   USA  53.33
Sage Watson   Canada  53.62
Courtney Okolo   USA  53.66
Asaine Hall   Jamaica  53.67
Janeth Alejandra Largacha Colombia 54.12
Marie-Colombe St. Pierre Canada  54.84
Celene Cevallos   Ecuador 55.77
Priscilla Morales Escobales Puerto Rico 56.24



400 meter trials – men

There were 3 semi heats in the men’s division.  Semi 1 was won by Yoandys Lescay Prado 47.31.  Lescay Prado has a 45.29 best and was a 200m semifinalists at the World Juniors in Barcelona last year.  Second was Marcus Chambers (Foss, Tacoma, WA) in 47.71, and third was Jose de Jesus Fraire Rios (Mexico, 47.93).  Semi 2 was won by Juan Paul Green (Illinois/Carol City, Miami, FL) in 47.80.  Dead last a 200 meters, he ran a balanced race and came on strong at the end to win.  Second was Nathaniel George (Canada, 48.23) and third was Warren Hazel (St. Kitts and Nevis, 48.54).  Brandon Mc Bride (Canada/Mississippi State) won the third semi with the fastest time of the day, 46.09.  Second was Alejandro Perlaza (Colombia) in 46.52.  The qualifiers for the final are:

Brandon Mc Bride  Canada   46.09
Alejandro Perlaza  Colombia  46.52
Yoandys Lescay Prado  Cuba   47.31
Marcus Chambers  USA   47.71
Juan Paul Green  USA   47.80
Jose de Jesus Fraire Rios Mexico   47.93
Nathaniel George  Canada   48.23
Warren Hazel   St. Kitts and Nevis 48.54


Men’s Hammer Final

It was a great battle between Rudy Winkler (Averill Park, NY) and Diego Alan del Real Galindo (Mexico).  Winkler led through the first 5 rounds throwing his best of 235-6 in round 3.  Galindo got his best of 234-9 in the same round.  On Galindo’s final throw, he increased his best to 239-5.  Winkler, the final competitor, unfortunately fouled on his final throw.  Alex Young (Gardner-Webb/La Vergne, TN) did not have a good day, managing only 193-3 for 10th.  The results:

Diego Alan del Real Galindo   Mexico   239-5
  (F, 226-6, 234-9, F, 230-5, 239-5)
Rudy Winkler    USA   235-6
  (225-10, 230-4, 235-6, 213-4, 233-8, F)
Humberto Mancilla    Chile   224-6
Yasmani Fernandez Verdura   Cuba   221-11
Hevertt Alvarez    Chile   220-3
Abraham Parra Collado   Mexico   213-3
Peter Millman    Canada   204-6
Charles Nguyen    Canada   203-6



Decathlon – after 3 events

The Brazilians and the Cubans are dominating so far, with Felipe Vinicius dos Santos the leader.  Dos Santos won the octathlon bronze at the 2011 World Youth Championships.   Wolf Mahler (Benton, TX) is only 36 points out of 4th place.  Devon Williams (Georgia/Kell, Marietta, GA) is in 8th.  He fouled on his first two long jumps and had a “safe” third jump just to stay in the competition).

Felipe Vinicius dos Santos   Brazil   2581 points
Jeffersonn Santos    Brazil   2483
Abdel-Kader Larrinaga Hernandez  Cuba   2453
Orlan Rivera Bernal    Cuba   2262
Wolf Mahler    USA   2226
(10.85 21-11.5  38-6.75)
Zachary Bornstein    Canada   2214
Engeso Gayyel    Surinam  2201
Devon Williams    USA   2162
(11.20 21-1.5  42-3.5)


Friday August 23, 2013 - Evening Session

100 meters final – men

We were not totally surprised with the winner, Zharnel Hughes (Anguilla), who got the gold from lane 8.  Hughes was this year’s Caribbean Scholastic Invitational champion with a yearly best of 10.23.  His “bad” lane was a result of letting up at the finish in the semi.  Nonetheless, it could be that no one expected him to be “in the mix” being in an outside lane.  Andre De Grase (Canada) was second in 10.36 and Trayvon Bromell (Gibbs, St. Petersburg, FL) third in 10.44.  We’re not sure what happened to Tevin Hester (Clemson/Granville Central, Stem, NC), the fastest qualifier who finished 8th in the final.  Here are the complete results:

Wind: +1.8

Zharnel Hughes  Anguilla  10.31
Andre De Grase  Canada  10.36
Trayvon Bromell  USA  10.44
Jazeel Murphy  Jamaica  10.46
Jevaughn Minzie  Jamaica  10.51
Levi Cadogan  Barbados 10.53
Reinier Mena Berenguer Cuba  10.58
Tevin Hester  USA  10.71

100 meters finals – women

Arialis Gandulla Martinez, the leading qualifier from the semis, took the gold for Cuba, running 11.31.  Jennifer Madu (Texas A+M/East, Plano, TX) was second in 11.37 and World Youth bronze medalist Angela Tenorio (Ecuador) was third in 11.39.  Here are the final results:

Wind: +2.8

Arialis Gandulla Martinez Cuba   11.32w
Jennifer Madu  USA   11.37w
Angela Tenorio  Ecuador  11.39w
Morolake Akinosun  USA   11.47w
Omhunique Brown  St. Kitts and Nevis 11.51w
Khamica Bingham  Canada   11.54w
Amelia Brohman  Canada   11.89w
Sharolyn Joseph Hamblet Costa Rica  16.12w



100 meter hurdles final – women

Sasha Wallace (Castro Valley, CA) had a nice lead through 8 hurdles.  She “clobbered” the ninth and lost the lead.  Alexis Perry (North Carolina State/Jordan, Durham, NC) took advantage of that and just edged Nicole Setherington(Canada) by .01 to win with a PR of 13.56.  It was Genesis Romero (Venezuela) who got the bronze (13.65) with Wallace fading to fourth in 13.72.  Alexis Perry has an interesting story.  Her best 100m hurdles in high school was 14.07 (13.85w).  Her best event then was the high jump, finishing second at the 2012 New Balance Nationals Outdoors at 5-8.5.  She is also an excellent long jumper, finishing second at this year’s USATF Junior Championships (19-4 [-2.2]).  The results.

Wind  -0.7


Alexis Perry    USA  13.56
Nicole Setterington   Canada  13.57
Genesis Romero   Venezuela 13.65
Sasha Wallace   USA  13.72
Daineris Consuegra Carrero  Cuba  13.85
Deshaunda Morrison  Canada  14.07
Diana Carolina Bazalar Alava Peru  14.23
Karen Palomeque   Colombia 14.91

400 meter finals – women

Favorite Courtney Okolo (Texas/Smith, Carrollton, TX) took it easy the first half of the race, pacing herself and just missing the meet record, winning in 52.19.  Kendall Baisden (Detroit Country Day, Beverly Hills, MI), leading at 200 meters, was second in 52.59, holding off Canada’s Sage Watson who finished third in 52.68.   The results

Courtney Okolo   USA  52.19
Kendall Baisden   USA  52.59
Sage Watson   Canada  52.68
Asaine Hall    Jamaica  53.81
Janeth Alejandra Largacha  Colombia 54.03
Celene Cevallos   Ecuador 56.45
Priscilla Morales Escobales  Puerto Rico 56.50
Marie-Colombe St. Pierre  Canada  56.60



400 meter finals – men

The favorites, Brandon Mc Bride (Canada/Mississippi State) and Yoandys Lescay Prado (Cuba) battled it out for much of the race, with Mc Bride winning by .01 in 45.89.  In the mix for 300 meters was the home country favorite, Alejandro Perlaza of Colombia in 46.42.  The Americans, Marcus Chambers (Foss, Tacoma, WA) and Juan Paul Green (Illinois/Carol City, Miami, FL) finished 4th and 5th, running 46.75 and 47.08.

Brandon Mc Bride  Canada   45.89
Yoandys Lescay Prado Cuba   45.90
Alejandro Perlaza  Colombia  46.42
Marcus Chambers  USA   46.75
Juan Paul Green  USA   47.08
Jose de Jesus Fraire Rios Mexico   48.08
Nathaniel George  Canada   48.26
Warren Hazel  St. Kitts and Nevis 50.71

Shot Put Women – Final

Stamatia Scarvelis (Dos Pueblos, Goleta, CA) won the event on her first throw.  She did not get her seasonal best (52-1.75) but she dominated the competition.  She will be a high school senior in September.  Isabela Rodriguez de Silva of Brazil got the silver, but only by ¾” over Chase Ealey of the USA (Oklahoma State/   )

1.   Stamatia Scarvelis  USA   50-08.5
(49-3.5  49-9.75  F  F  50-8.75  48-0.5
2.   Isabela Rodriguez de Silva Brazil   48-10.75
3.  Chase Ealey   USA   48-10
  (46-7.5  44-6  46-5.5  45-9.75  48-10  47-7.25)
4.  Agnes Esser   Canada   45-01
5.  Grace Marie Conley Diaz Bolivia   43-01
6.  Jess St. John   Antigua and Barbuda 41-07.75
7.  Trevia Gumbs   British Virgin Islands 39-05.25
8.  Ingrid Viafara   Colombia  39-03.75


Decathlon – after 5 events

The Brazilians and the Cubans still in front, and the order hasn’t changed for the last 2 events.  Wolf Mahler (Benton, TX) had the fastest 400 of the group (48.19) but remains in 5th place.

Felipe Vinicius dos Santos   Brazil   4256 points
Jeffersonn Santos    Brazil   4003
Abdel-Kader Larrinaga Hernandez  Cuba   4107
Orlan Rivera Bernal    Cuba   3964
Wolf Mahler    USA   3736
(10.85 21-11.5  38-6.75  5-10 48.19)
6.   Zachary Bornstein    Canada   3676
Devon Williams    USA   3640
(11.20 21-1.5  42-3.5  6-00.5 49.94)
8.   Shawn Beaudoin    Canada   3583

Women’s 3000 Meters (no Americans)

Zulema Katia Arenas Huacasi Peru  9:42.70
Madeline Mc Donald  Canada  9:56.65
Lucy Basilio Perez  Peru  10:07.76
Heather Petrick   Canada  10:18.68
Monica Garcia   Colombia 10:29.54
Estefania Chiquiza  Colombia 10:31.24

Men’s 5000 Meters

It was a pack of 9 for all but the last three laps, when the ultimate winner, Edgar Alan Garcia Quiroz of Mexico threw in a 68 second lap.  The pack spread out, but both Thiago do Rosario of Brazil and Thomas Awad of the USA (U of Pennsylvania/Chaminade, Mineola, NY) kept as close as they could.  Neither changed places for the last 2 laps as Awad got third in 14:55.53 at about a mile altitude.

Edgar Alan Garcia Quiroz  Mexico  14:44.54
Thiago do Rosario   Brazil  14:52.46
Thomas Awad    USA  14:55.53
Victor Alfredo Montanez Martinez Mexico  14:57.93
Zendio Daza Huarcaya   Peru  15:04.10
Georman Antonio Rivas Ruiz  Costa Rica 15:07.29
Walter Domingo Yac Colop  Guatemala 15:08.13
Camilo Andres Aguillon Rojas  Colombia 15:15.42



Long Jump – Men Final

No official results yet, but we do know that Andre Jefferson (John Tyler, Tyler, TX) had a jump of 26-0, same as a Brazilian competitor.  We’re not sure if it was wind-aided or not. – results tomorrow.

Discus – Men Final

Won by Hayden Reed of the US with Reggie Jaggers of the US third – results tomorrow (if were lucky).


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