CARIFTA Games Coverage

by Joy Kamani

The NSSF will be providing covrage of the CARIFTA Games to be held in Bermuda April 6-9. Twenty-three Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and The Bahamas, are expected to compete at this the 40th running of the Games.  

The Games have produced a plethora of World Record holders and World Track & Field Champions and Stars over the years including Usain Bolt, Kim Collins, Darrel Brown, Pauline Davis-Thompson, Merlene Ottey, Obadele Thompson, Debbie Ferguson, Cydonie Mothersill, Kareen Streete-Thompson, Alleyne Francique, Veronica Campbell, Marie Jose-Perec and Meleanie Walker, just to name a few. Indeed over 30 Olympic Games medallists can trace their origins to the Carifta Games.

Schedules, news, records and other information can be found on the CARIFTA Games website.

The Games are a gold mind of talent and U.S. college coaches planning on attending should register prior to arrival by emailing in order to recrive Access Accrediation from the Bermuda Track & Field Association.

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