Track & Field and Cross-Country Bulletin for Dec 31, 2020

by Steve Underwood









National Scholastic Athletics Foundation

Track & Field and Cross Country Bulletin for Nov. 19, 2020

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Leave your legacy today... so they can leave theirs tomorrow.

Hello NSAF Family,

For nearly 30 years, the NSAF has helped 200,000+ student-athletes build a legacy through our Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals and other high performance programs. Maybe you were one of them. Or maybe one of your children or athletes were one of them. Maybe it was a school record. Maybe it was turning pro. Maybe it was an Olympic Gold medal! Whatever your legacy is, and whatever role the NSAF played in it, your story can and does inspire others to run toward their dreams and leave their own legacy.

That’s why, after an unusual year, we're boldly asking our community to invest in the next generation of athletes by contributing to our NSAF Legacy Fund and help us to raise $250,000 by the end of the year and ensure the next generation can build a legacy of their own. It's a big goal, but we know our community of champions is up for the challenge.

Our goal: $250,000 by December 31, 2020

Your impact: Help 5,000 athletes achieve their dreams

The first $100,000 will be matched dollar for dollar

We ask you to consider YOUR legacy, ensuring that we can continue to serve the track and field community today, tomorrow, together.

Learn more about the NSAF Legacy Fund and donate today.

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Jenny Simpson celebrating after a competition

In their words...

"I really feel that my strong start in scholastic sports was an incredible part of the launching of this really fun career I’ve called my life.... Give kids the space to discover who they are today and to dream about who they can be in the future."

- Jenny Simpson, 3x Olympian, World Champion, Olympic medalist and former American Record Holder, steeplechase

Female athlete performing a high jump

How YOU can leave your legacy

Here are three easy ways for you to leave your legacy!

1. Give. Your financial investment in NSAF will help ensure that we can continue to provide kids with life-changing experiences, which in turn, will empower them to build a lasting and valuable legacy. Without your support, thousands of kids will not have access to the scholarship grant opportunities our programs make possible.

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2. Share. Words are a powerful tool. And during these unprecedented times, we’re seeking to deepen our relationship with our NSAF athletes, alumni and the track and field community, running together to inspire and encourage the next generation. One way to do this is by sharing your own NSAF story.

Share Your Story

3. Engage. In times of social distancing and isolation, we want to keep our community strong! By following us on social media and engaging in and sharing our content, you can both inspire and be inspired. And if you do post, don’t forget to use our hashtags so we can reshare your content: #NSAFlegacy #legacyfund2020 #iRunwithNSAF


We invite you to leave your legacy today for athletes tomorrow. Together, we can continue to make a difference on and off the track.

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