Pan Am Juniors, Friday Video Interviews

by Steve Underwood

Interviews from Friday's morning and evening sessions: Includes the following athletes:
Alexis Perry w100Hf
Andre Jefferson mLJ
Courtney Okolo/Kendall Baisden w400f
Stamatia Scarvelis/Chase Ealey wSP
Hayden Reed mDT
Zharnel Hughes m100f
Jennifer Madu w100f
Wolf Mahler mDeca
Rudy Winkler mHT
Jennifer Madu w100sf
Kendell Baisden w400sf
Sasha Wallace w100Hsf
Tevin Hester m100sf


Alexis Perry, USA, women's 100H, GOLD medal, 13.56


Andre Jefferson, USA, men's LJ, SILVER medal, 26-0w


Courtney Okolo and Kendall Baisden, USA, women's 400
GOLD and SILVER medals, 52.19 and 52.59


Stamatia Scarvelis and Chase Ealey, USA, women's shot put
GOLD and BRONZE medals, 50-8.75 and 48-10.75


Hayden Reed, USA, men's discus, GOLD medal, 205-6


Zharnel Hughes, Antigua, men's 100, GOLD medal, 10.31


Jennifer Madu, USA, women's 100, SILVER medal, 11.37


Wolf Mahler, USA, men's decathlon, first day


Rudy Winkler, men's hammer SILVER medal, 235-6


Jennifer Madu, women's 100, 1st in 1st semi, 11.65


Kendell Baisden, women's 400, 1st in 1st semi, 53.33


Sasha Wallace, women's 100H, 2nd in 1st semi, 13.66


Tevin Hester, men's 100, 1st in 1st semi, 10.25



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